(also intransitive) to make or become slimmer; lose or cause to lose excess weight.
Noting a polynomial equation in which the second highest power is missing: The 3 suisses promo 2018 cubic equation x 3 4x 4 0 is reduced.To add hydrogen.By, kenneth Beare, updated April 04, 2017, reduced relative clauses refers to the shortening of a relative clause which modifies the subject of a sentence.Reduce to an Past Participle Phrase Remove the relative pronoun Remove the verb 'be' Place the past participle phrase after the modified noun Examples: The car which was purchased in Seattle was a vintage Mustang.- Reduced: The car purchased in Seattle was a vintage Mustang.Diminish, decrease, shorten, abridge, curtail, contract, retrench.To pronounce every word clearly and separately may sound very formal. .Reduced: The elephant born in captivity was set free.To bring to a certain state, condition, arrangement, etc.: to reduce glass to powder.The only time I've ever heard the long form of "Let." used is when the vicar used to say "Let us pray." It's much more likely you'll hear or see the contracted form "let's".Take the following statement for example: I could have done that, you should have said something.
(also intransitive) to make or become smaller in size, number, extent, degree, intensity, etc.
How Crimea Crashed the Russian Economy Anna Nemtsova December 17, 2014 However, this has reduced consciousness of risk among young people, making the message of fear meaningless.
To decrease the valence of an atom by adding electrons.
Subdue, subjugate, conquer, subject, vanquish, overcome, overpower.
To impoverish (esp in the phrase in reduced circumstances).
I had not been reducing I hadn't been reducing you had not been reducing you hadn't been reducing he/she/it had not been reducing he/she/it hadn't been reducing we had not been reducing we hadn't been reducing they had not been reducing they hadn't been reducing.Using a reduced relative clause we can reduce the first sentence to: The man working at Costco lives in Seattle.Relative clause reduction refers to removing a relative pronoun to reduce: An adjective/person who was happy - happy person.To evaporate water from (a sauce, soup, or other liquid usually by boiling.Jump to: navigation, search, contents, english edit, pronunciation edit uK iPA ( key /djust/ uS ) enPR : r-doost, IPA ( key /dust/ or enPR : r-djoost, IPA ( key /djust/.Relative clauses can also be reduced to shorter forms if the relative clause modifies the subject of a sentence.