top viral marketing campaigns

There was a tremendous increase in its subscribers and Twitter and Facebook followers.
It came out with its brand character, the Old Spice man who appeared in The Man Your Man Could concours de maquillage gratuit Smell Like campaign in 2010.When imparting your brand message, addressing your audience directly by using the second-person term you ensures a personal touch.Visible Measures compared the Old Spice Responses with the viral videos of that time, and the campaign was a clear-cut winner.The campaign also perpetuated Adidas legacy as code reduction playbac presse a cultural icon in the hip-hop and rap communities.The second was to raise additional revenue for the Worldwide Breast Cancer organization.Awareness is required even if the content is great so that people can share and make it popular.The campaign resulted in an increase in Twitter followers by more than 1,000 percent an over 6 hundred thousand people on Facebook liked the ads!Despite the simplicity of this campaign, people loved.Ice Bucket Challenge evoked a positive and high arousal emotion as it was funny.
Buyers might buy the Old Spice body wash without consciously realizing why they did so!
Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die November 2012.
A multi-faceted campaign including an app for users to create their own baby image this was a huge success.
Just like a biological virus, a viral marketing campaign spreads from one person to another, resulting in a large number of views, substantial amount of social shares and remarkable brand awareness.
In April 2013, Unilever, with its ad agency Ogilvy Mather Brazil, came out with Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign to empower women about how they look.Three also created the PonyMixer which allowed users to create their own version of the Ad however this has since been removed.Key Takeaways: Before the challenge, ALS was known to much fewer people.I turned around, looked at his screen, and I, too, couldnt help but laugh at the sheer creative genius.Check out all the other creative brands that jumped on the dress color debate wagon.The result was a very effective use of Instagrams relatively new one-minute video format.This quick and clever thinking is not a new concept for Oreo; theyre huge proponents of culturally relevant content, as seen with their.Promoting their shipping service, Kmarts ship my pants advert proved another instant hit, this original has over.8M views.You need to create awareness about your brand through various marketing channels.

This campaign featured iconic figures in the hip hop scene such as Snoop Dogg, Desiigner, and Stormzy wearing the Originals Adidas line of clothing.
2: Know Your Lemons, know Your Lemons was a campaign created by Worldwide Breast Cancer to inform women about the different signs of breast cancer.